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Acest proiect a fost abandonat, multe din functii i-au fost atribuite lui Tv Wave

Tv Player este un program gratuit care contine posturi tv si radio online in format Wmp, Sopcast, Tvu, Vlc si Flash. Acesta isi instaleaza singur la prima rulare toate plug-inurile necesare, in cazul in care primiti un mesaj/eroare de tipul class not registered unul sau mai multe din ele nu au putut fi instalate astfel va trebui sa le instalati manual: vlc, sopcast, tvu

Tv Player is a free live streaming player who can play many tv and radio stations running under these formats Wmp, Sopcast, Tvu, Vlc and Flash. Tv Player software technology plugs you directly into hundreds of worldwide LIVE digital television channels right over the Internet. Watch thousands of worldwide channels in tons of categories such as movies, news, sports, music, shopping and much, much more! Now it’s your turn to experience the power of Internet TV. No extra Hardware, Just Download and Enjoy!

Pentru a vedea programele fara intreruperi va recomand urmatoarea setare pentru Windows Media Player > tools > options > performance, and change your buffering settings between 10 and 30 sec. Default settings are 5, iar pentru Vlc > Settings > Preferences > Input Codecs > Acess modules > Https > Advanced options > Caching value = 1200, il poti schimba cu valori cuprinse intre 5000 si 15000.

Pentru ca tv player v028 sa functioneze si cu vlc 1.0.1 + cele care vor urma trebuie sa suprascrii axvlc.dll,libvlc.dll in folderul tv player si sa adaugi tot acolo libvlccore.dll (aceste dll-uri trebuie sa fie ale versiunii 1.0.1 de la vlc logic). In cazul in care nu merge doar asa mai poti sa rulezi apoi plug-ins.exe din acelasi folder.

-close button of search entry on vlc grid is present
-tvu controls are no longer disappearing when full screen mode is used
-news are seen as a html code
-images next to tabs
-one click away from downloading new version
-enable or not the refresh of online users
-sopcast or vlc are no longer required to be installed after a new version of tv player is installed
-small fixes

v027 build 3:
-sopcast id searching improved
-added posibility to search vlc id’s (manual save used)
-delete/edit/add the logs (also the logs now can be used as favorites)

v027 build 2:
-fixed the wmp id searching
-fixed a crash when closing the application

-new design
-search tool for finding wmp, sopcast id’s added inside the application
-peers connected, upload & download stats next to the sopcast channel
-settings are saved automatically
-the splash is replaced by news, channels added or changes
-update pop-up no longer appears when host is down
-the wmp/sopcast/vlc/tvu list will contain also the country, genre and sorting behaviour

-search tool for finding wmp and sopcast channels id’s
-ability to capture screenshots
-auto-hide option removed and has been replaced by a splitter
-download procedure is done from now on inside the application (no longer requires install)
-the video recorder timer displays the exactly time spent
-new look for audio recorder application
-Invalid parameters errors removed when trying to acces a youtube link
-download youtube movies from the list or from your own url

-main host changed
-video and audio folders are no longer created after each run

-video recording from Wmp, Wmp/Favorites, Vlc, Sopcast*, Tvu* and your custom link
(* means that you are able to record those kind of channels even from web pages)
-added F.A.Q. in help section
-“list index out of bounds (-1)” error removed
-auto-hides the upper and right sides maximizing the player option added
-delete/rename/open folder/refresh options added to audio files section
-file/open media expanded to file and folder
-shoutbox replaced by youtube section (submit link, , sort & more)
-you can add your own vlc channels in “favorites” tab
-small fixes

-custom installation directory
-the wmp channels hint contains the channel nr
-no more ini errors (finally!)
-the favorite channels are no longer deleted every time a new version is installed
-audio recorded files are appearing into a list inside the application
-file/open/media added (possibility to open a movie/music file)
-the application starts with the yahoo status plug-in set to off
-tv koo plug-in removed

-if one of the plug-ins is missing a message appears
-the playing channel appears at your yahoo messenger status
-you can add your own sopcast channels in “favorites” tab
-search wmp channels
-the main application can be controlled when open/url bla bla is opened
-the wmp channels are changed faster
-annoying browser messages removed

-save/edit/load your own customized channels list
-statistics window (total time spent on application)
-shutdown timer
-tv list and version is updated/checked automatically
-ro channels schedule in new tab
-possibility to add/save/edit your own wmp,sopcast and tvu channels
-windows paths are now recognised

-only one instance can be opened from now on
-statistics window
-timer and pause (if the buffer drops) added to the audio recorder application
-paste from clipboard option added at the file/open url/bla bla

-added numbers next to channels
-warning text when a wmp channel is offline
-help/how to added
-help/send YM added
-tv koo channels (~300 – plug-in required) – new section added
-file/open url/tvu and vlc
-records audio sound

-unninstaller added
-possibility to add your own wmp tv/radio channels in “favorites” tab
-remembers application position on the screen
-hides/shows the right side panel
-hides/shows the upper panel

-plug-ins separate tab added
-fixed the ini bug
-the channels/version update process is done manually from now on
-open wmp/sopcast url option added

-news are appearing near the name of the application
-small fixes

-new section (Abc 7 and Nbc 5 added)
-favorites channels are saved automatically
-tv list is updated automatically
-the version is checked automatically

-“add to favorites” option
-small fixes

-improved channel update (no longer requires restart of application)
-resizeable window

-new sopcast channels

-youtube video section
-new channels added
-channels are updated via one click
-notification when update is available
-counts the users online

-first build – Sunday, April 22, 2007, 19:01:46

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